We sell products Online in Korea to many friends overseas. Our most important products are Korean cosmetics as well as the rapidly growing Korean colour lens (lens city). color eye contacts online Additionally, we promote dietary and health products, and some other fashion items. We also market our products on various Asian online sites and speak with friends around the globe.
Many Worldwide buddies are buying Korean Cosmetics as overall delivery on eBay, Amazon, and other online niches.
But there's shocking news for next year. The Korean postal service will come to a full stop general delivery on January 1, 2018. As a result, buyers now have to pay registration fees to buy the product. Customers that are buying overseas will be hard. It's been sold in many internet markets as free delivery. But, all of these included shipping fees. Korean Post is a state-owned business. It never offers free delivery.
Advantages of our store: Our shop put weight on Every item. Clients make a purchase with less danger because the delivery is quantified according to its weight.
Now, clients who prefer Many Different Korean Makeup, colour lenses, and other products (like decorative samples)should Start looking for an online market where transport is measured by weight. color eye contacts online We invite Customers to Korean makeup online market.